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Dear reader,

Every single month 8,000 men and women up and down the country open a simple email.

It looks like this:

The contents of that email have a legacy stretching back to 1938.

Back then, of course, our private intelligence bulletin was sent via Royal Mail… with a one penny stamp on the envelope.

But today, just like back then, the message contains powerful, private information about the financial markets – and the wider world.

Early insights on the biggest trends that impact your life and your money.

Inside information – exclusive ideas and analysis from industry experts - that has put a small cadre of connected investors ahead of the mainstream…

Just imagine how useful it would be to be warned of stock market collapses – well in advance.

Readers of this bulletin were – in 1999… 2008… and 2018.

When the traditional 60/40 portfolio was hammered in 2022 – as both equities and bonds tanked at the same time…

Investors who received The Fleet Street Letter had been warned, months before hand, that there was a crisis brewing in the bond market…

The Letter also called out the bubble in green stocks… “the biggest delusion in the 5,000 year history of the financial markets”

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And, as a result, mere WEEKS ago… had the opportunity to bank a 49% return on BP… a stock recommendation made back when the green boom was peaking.

It is clear, those that receive this monthly message have a powerful advantage over those who don’t.

Like Barbara Ann Facer:

“New investors most certainly try it. It provides independent, forthright information - a sound basis for investment.”

John Seaman:

“It's well written. It's easy to understand. It's not over adventurous and it talks sense”

And Glenis Kellet:

“You have given me the big picture of everything, which Financial Advisors do not discuss – all of the information is valuable to me.”

Today, I would like to invite you to join them…

And start receiving this monthly intelligence bulletin, to help you break free from the hype, spin and dangerous misinformation pumped out by the mainstream news and financial media.

To help get you started…

We have prepared and compiled a special 2024 Investing Blueprint you will be able to download.

It includes the names of three powerhouse energy stocks that could be set to boom as the West struggle to keep the lights on….

As well as complete access to The Fleet Street Letter portfolio - a carefully curated collection of trading ideas, stock picks and other wealth-building moves…

A mix of long-term strategic positions and shorter-term tactical trades that highlights how you can use your new understanding of the markets to join the dots and gain a practical advantage…

Put together by a global strategist, $1bn trader and wealth-builder with an unparalleled track record.

Not only does he currently advise four different $100m funds…

He is also a highly successful gold trader who helped investors position themselves ahead of the big 2019 boom, (people who followed his advice would have made a lot of money)…

And has personally traded bitcoin, the Nikkei, the Hang Seng and Boeing to achieve profits of 9,000 points…

Most impressive of all, this much sought-after global strategist and wealth manager is the guy other fund managers and traders go to help improve and hone their investment methods.

(I’ll introduce him properly later but he will, in effect, be working for you).

There’s plenty more, including two complimentary investment books and a host or reports I’ll run through shortly…

What’s more, in this letter today, I’ll show you how you can claim an 80% discount on membership to our publication.

But before you make any sort of decision, I think its important you understand our history and the profound impact our research has had on the finances of our readership…

Which means I need to take you back in time:

It’s midnight, on the 28th of December, 1938…

Heavy sleet is falling on Rome’s Littorio airport.

Fearsome political forces are growing across Europe… as Hitler and Mussolini push the continent towards disaster…

And a man named Patrick Maitland lands in the heart of Mussolini’s Rome on a private fact-finding assignment…

You see, Maitland – an influential British advisor with connections to European Royalty, top-ranking Government officials and High Society – has been sent to Europe on behalf of a very important group of men and women…

To gather what he calls “inside information” on the inner workings of both Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany…

To study the military, economic and diplomatic capabilities of the Axis Powers – as discreetly as he can…

And to report back immediately to his British sponsors.

These are dangerous times… when lies and deceit are everywhere, and the truth comes at a premium…

But Maitland isn’t working for any Government or intelligence bureau.

He is travelling on behalf of a small group of independently minded investors…

A group of investors that still exists today.   

In fact, on this page I’d like to show you how you can become a part of this small group of investors…

And reveal how their 85-year history could radically change the way you manage your money forever.

You see, when Maitland returned to England, he sat down at his typewriter and wrote up his findings in a detailed four-page letter.

In this letter he predicted that Chamberlain’s strategy of appeasement would not work… and that Hitler would make war on Europe.

His prediction even specified that he felt Hitler would wait until September before declaring war….

Without delay, he rushed this information to his followers.

At the time, this went completely against the ‘official’ Government line that “appeasement” would work.

On the 1st September, 1939 – just nine months after Maitland’s prediction (and to the very month) Hitler invaded Poland and started the Second World War.

Yet the privileged investors who received Maitland’s letter had already been given the opportunity to prepare themselves…

They had already received their warning… and had the chance to act on the information they had been given. 

It was the first of many scoops.

He went on to break the news that the Russians had a working atomic bomb, and a few years later that they had a hydrogen bomb.

You don’t need me to tell you how important that kind of information was.

You see, today, 85 years after Maitland’s first predictions…

This group of investors still exist… and they are still receiving expert insight on what could be next for their investments.

Let’s run through a few more early ‘inside information’ early warnings:

Remember “Black Monday” in of investors saw their savings wiped out?

It was one of the worst crashes British investors have ever had to endure.

Yet for this select group of investors, the crash came as no surprise…

They’d been put ‘on guard’ over 5 months earlier – in a discreet and timely warning.

When the markets panicked about a Chinese invasion of Taiwan in March 1995 this group of investors were informed that a major opportunity had opened up for them.

Over the next 18 months, the Taiwanese market more than doubled.

In September 1999, while the rest of the world was piling into tech stocks, they received another warning: ‘CRASH IMMINENT’.

The FTSE 100 began its decline four months later.

Then there was the epic gold rush…

In 1999, when most investors hated what Keynes called ‘the barbarous relic’… this group of elite investors were able to quietly position themselves at the beginning of one of the biggest bull markets ever.

It was followed by the ‘black gold rush’ a couple of years later in 2001, when oil prices were on the floor at $23 per barrel.

This group of investors were informed that oil and energy prices would rise – and oil prices went on to make their high six years later at $148.

How smart would you have felt if you’d taken heed of this club’s warning:

Five and a half months later Lehman Brothers collapsed and the entire financial sector buckled.

From insights… to profits

If you think this foresight sounds too good to be true, let me point you to the British Library at St Pancras, Central London.

The Fleet Street Letter

You’ll find these economic warnings and predictions have been carefully preserved and documented - in 73 leather bound volumes.

They represent the insights and wisdom of a very distinctive collection of people. A network of intellectuals and investment veterans with an incredible history of understanding and anticipating major world 'turning points'.

Over time, this colourful cast of expert insiders changes to meet the challenges of the times.

And it has included members of the House of Lords, ex MI5 operatives, millionaire business tycoons, former City fund managers and influential MPs.

But the quality of the inside information remains the same.

Recent wins include:

Riding the surge in silver in 2019 …

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Five year performance: 2018 -3.55% | 2019 12.57% | 2020 40.85% | 2021 -12.11% | 2022 15.5% | 2023 (YT 30/11) -0.1%

Strategically channeling the rise of cryptocurrencies while others moved too late or held too long…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

Five year performance: 2018 -71.84% | 2019 89% | 2020 304.42% | 2021 57.38% | 2022 -63.62% | 2023 (YT 30 Nov) 125.74%

Warning of rampant inflation when the Bank of England was convinced it would be transitory at worst.

Warning about bonds before they crashed so badly it delivered the worst year ever by some measures…

Calling out the bubble in green stocks… “the biggest delusion in the 5,000 year history of the financial markets,” says their investment director, and $1 BILLION wealth manager.

Just look at the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF versus the Nasdaq – see below…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

‘The inside story’ on and recommendations about energy investing that have also included:

Predicting the comeback of nuclear power…

The electrification of many of our fossil fuel using industries and behaviours also means that electricity demand is going to boom. The International Energy Agency estimates that nuclear generation needs to double by 2050 to hit net zero targets…

Given the underlying challenges of our long list of potential sources of power which we can choose from, we can safely say that nuclear will have to be part of our energy mix in the future.

At the time of writing, members are already seeing the fruits of that thinking in action.

And we have highlighted opportunities as fossil fuel energy stocks boomed (and banking a 47.5% gain)…

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

5 year performance: 2018 +0.73% | 2019 +1.54% | 2020 -40.78% | 2021 +35.81% | 2022 +49.33 | 2023 (YT 30/11)

As well as predicting how defence spending is top of mind as energy security concerns have grown…

Of course, they don’t get it right every time – no-one does… and if anyone says they can, you should run a mile.  

But this elite network of insiders exists for one reason: to study the financial, political and economic world, understand the deep changes that are going to affect private investors, share our insight with people like you.

“I know I am with an excellent group of experts giving advice for me to then reflect and make my own decisions.  I also appreciate and understand the relevance of the historical perspective and intellect documented of previous major historical events and their overall relevance on today's world.  New Investors most certainly try it. It provides independent, forthright information - a sound basis for investment.” Barbara Ann Facer

“It's well written. It's easy to understand. It's not over adventurous and it talks sense” John Seaman

“have given me the big picture of everything, which Financial Advisors do not discuss – all of the information is valuable to me.” Glenis Kellet

Today, I’d like to offer you the chance to join them…

Protecting private investors – since 1938

Nick Hubble, Editor,
The Fleet Street Letter

My name is Nick Hubble, by the way.

I have degrees in law and finance, I’m a published author, strategist and investment writer.

For over 15 years now, I’ve been analysing our financial system.

My particular area of expertise is in identifying and alerting investors about upcoming crises.

I pride myself on finding the news behind the news – the ‘inside information’ that tells the real story…

And pin-points those moments of deep change that – in investing terms - can make or break great fortunes.

In 2012 I exposed the sub-prime practices of Australian banks - that bankers and mortgage brokers routinely manipulated their customers’ loan applications. I upset and angered a lot of people - but my findings were vindicated by a Royal Commission in 2018.

In 2018, I predicted Italy’s budget battles would lead to “Bloody October” and successfully warned my readers about the worst period in financial markets since 2008... research that led to my first book, How the Euro Dies.

In 2020, I posed the question: “Is the green bubble little more than ‘investing on thin ice’?” – a year before green stocks tanked. It led to eight months of intensive research and the publication of my new book, Threat Zero: The Dark Side of Going Green and How Smart Investors Can Profit. 

It provides hard evidence of why Net Zero is an impossibility – from the experts themselves. Plus, you’ll get a good idea about where the big money could be heading when it all comes crashing down.

In a moment I’ll tell you how you can access complimentary copies of both How The Euro Dies (can you survive the biggest bankruptcy in history?)… and Threat Zero: The Dark Side of Going Green and How Smart Investors Can Profit. 

Both are invaluable investing guides – showing you how to navigate your money through hugely impactful trends.

They contain the sort of expertise and inside commentary information that the establishment does not share.

I know. I’ve seen the inside at Goldman Sachs, and I’ll tell you now…

The system is rigged against YOU understanding and acting upon what’s REALLY happening in the financial system, behind the smoke and mirrors.

The government… bankers… fund managers – they’re not in it for you.

They’re in it for themselves – quote me on that.

It’s one of the reasons why I left my hopes of joining Wall Street behind to become the editor of the private network of financial experts and advisors I’ve been talking about.

Since its foundation over eight decades ago, it has established an incredible track record for helping its readers pinpoint and profit from ‘the news behind the news’ – real insider information and insight into the threats and opportunities you won’t find published in the mainstream: until it’s too late.

Our mission is very simple.

  • Help you understand what’s coming next in the world of money and markets
  • Show you what that means for you, your money and your family
  • And share specific investment recommendations to help you protect yourself or profit

We want to arm you with the intelligence and insights to stay one step ahead of the big financial and geopolitical trends shaping your world…

We do not publish our work in the City. Nor do we want to.

This specialist member’s only “inside information” is shared once a month in a secret bulletin to just 8,051 investors…

We share our research through a little-known, but widely-circulated publication I now edit…

And today I’d like to give you the opportunity to receive it too:

The Fleet Street Letter

Welcome to Britain’s longest-running investment newsletter…

The Fleet Street Letter is about more than simply trying to make you money from the markets – although it has the proven potential to make investors “seriously rich”.

Since it was founded in 1938, its philosophy has always been to be fiercely independent, sceptical of the assumptions made by the Government or the mainstream press, and willing to consider any new idea, no matter how outlandish it may seem.

That’s a philosophy our editors hold dear. It’s the way our current members think. And I hope, it’s the way you think too.

By doing this we’ve been able to anticipate world events, new investment stories and themes… and guided our readers by publishing ideas and opportunities they simply won’t find elsewhere.  

In the last 6 months alone, we’ve shared insights, information and investment recommendations with our readers on…

The rearmament of Europe
Ever since the morning of 6 June 1944, as American troops and resources flooded into Normandy, we have been very fortunate to have a benevolent big brother. We highlighted how the Pax Americana cannot be taken for granted and, as a result, defence spending will continue to skyrocket.

The energy transition delusion
It doesn’t matter if you think climate change is hogwash or the No.1 issue of the 21st century. We did ‘the maths’. But, while net zero commitments are not plausible for reasons we went into (at length), for as long as they remain policy, there will be a spectacular mining and resources boom.

Nuclear climate change
The electrification of many of our fossil fuel using industries and behaviours also means that electricity demand is going to boom. But transitioning the economy to electricity to minimise emissions, while starving it of electricity over emissions concerns, is not going to work. This has triggered a radical shift in the demand curve for nuclear technology, hardware, fuel and infrastructure..

The other sort of housing boom
Despite the apparent fact that things couldn’t look much worse for homebuilders in the UK… we gave our readers 14 reasons why now might be an excellent time to invest in UK homebuilders. After all, when an investment feels uncomfortable, but the logic is compelling, that is usually because the bull case has not yet been proven. That means there is more value available for the early investor to capture.

One stock to bind them all
Although we suspect we will be entering a world with lower returns in broad asset classes, we also always believe there will be isolated investment opportunities driven by specific circumstances, as well as sectors that benefit from uncertainty. And we found one stock that combines a great many current trends in one easily investable asset – a recommendation (at the time of writing) showing a gain of over 40%.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

And much, much more…

I think you could benefit greatly from such advance insights and investing guidance.

Reply to this invitation today… and you will start receiving all the benefits that come hand in hand with membership.

You’ll receive independently researched financial advice and our timely investment recommendations – aimed at keeping your nose well ahead of the market in 2024, and beyond.

As our history has shown, you’ll have access to a completely different kind of knowledge: of independent and often radical insight, free-thinking opinion distilled over three quarters of a century.

We think that will put you at a significant advantage to regular, often ill-informed investors.

In short, we believe you’ll receive the kind of information that could help you grow your wealth significantly in the coming years by giving you a much broader view of the world.

And while The Fleet Street Letter has never been widely available… (you can’t buy it on the newsstand or find it advertised in the national press)…

It has always proved to be essential reading for serious investors from monarchs and heads of state to City insiders, business tycoons, press barons (former Times supremo Lord Rees-Mogg was both a subscriber and editor)…

And now over 8,000 ordinary, hard-working Brits too.

People like James Muir who says:

“I regard it as my investment bible.”

Colin Byatt:

“It does the research that I'd never have time for”

Ian Carrington:

“I based my mortgage decision on The Fleet Street Letter’s forecast and it proved to be remarkably accurate”

Glenis Kellet:

“All of the information is valuable to me”

And Glyn Williams:

“The Fleet Street Letter often provides clear insightful analysis of what is going on behind the scenes in both the political and economic arenas. This is critical information for anybody who wishes to successfully navigate the tricky investment waters of today. Keep up the good work and thank you to all the team”

If you like to think for yourself and are willing to consider new ideas and opportunities most investors wouldn’t…

If you have the patience to see a good strategy pay out… and care about building your wealth in every financial and political climate.

Then I believe The Fleet Street Letter is right up your street.

Certainly no other newsletter can match our history. That’s a fact.

Since you’ve been reading this letter, you’ve already seen proof of how accurate we’ve been.

I don’t say that to boast. And neither am I saying we get everything right. That would be wrong.

I simply wanted to show you how some of our predictions have benefited our readers in the past… and how we hope to benefit you in the future.

You see, we don’t just analyse broad trends here at The Fleet Street Letter.

Granted, our predictions on inflation, bonds, energy stocks, gold, oil, Taiwanese shares and the credit crunch have all followed wider themes.

But we also offer specific recommendations to play these trends.

We take the same rigorous approach to investigating a company, fund or sector as we do for our broader big picture forecasts.

That allows us to pair our predictions and warnings with thoroughly researched high potential opportunities you can use to potentially profit.

That means if you join us and follow our advice… not only will you benefit from our forecasts and predictions… you’ll also have a team of experts analysing each of our recommendations in detail… before you invest in them.

So, now, let me introduce you to two key members of the team:

Nigel Farage

First up, giving you his unique insights from the corridors of political power, is probably the most influential British politician of the last 50 years, Nigel Farage.

It matters not one jot if you like him or not, his sense of what is the real story and his fearless ability to ask questions the establishment does not want to hear is unparalleled.

What many people don’t know is that he also understands the world of finance.

His grandfather and father worked in the City. And, having set up an investment club at school, Nigel skipped university and followed in their footsteps.

Aged 18, he joined the world of institutional trading at the London Metal Exchange. First, with the American commodity operation at Drexel Burnham Lambert… then Credit Lyonnais, Refco and Natexis Metals.

As a result, Nigel has incredible connections… amazing experience… and above all, he’s willing to say and predict things that the elite may scoff at… until they come true.

Eoin Treacy

Alongside Nigel, turning his and my geo-political insights into investment actions, is Eoin Treacy.

You may well have seen him on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, CNN, NDTV Profit or Reuters India. (He has also been interviewed on the BBC World Service, Ireland’s TodayFM and Financial Sense Online). 

That’s because Eoin is an award-winning investor with close to $1 BILLION in assets under management.

He currently advises four different $100m funds… manages the money of some of Asia and the Middle East’s wealthiest families… and other clients include sovereign wealth and pension funds.

Most impressive of all, this much sought-after global strategist and wealth manager is the guy other fund managers and traders go to help improve and hone their investment methods. In fact, there are several funds that don’t let their traders on the trading floor until they’ve been coached by Eoin.

Think of him as your very own $1 billion wealth manager.

Because Eoin is our Investment Director… the man who turns our INSIGHTS into ACTIONS you can take with your money.

As Managing Editor, my role is to bring you deep dive macro analysis on the trends that are bringing deep change to the financial markets – and all of our lives. Over the past five years, I’ve shared early insights on:

  • The war on cash – and the dangers to your privacy and liberty that government digital currencies threaten
  • The economic perils of lock down – and the rise of inflation
  • How China is the investor’s No.1 enemy

Understanding these pivotal trends – often overlooked by the mainstream financial media – has given our readers a deep understanding of what’s really happening… and how they can position their money accordingly.

Let me give you a perfect example of that in action…

Let’s take all those big Net Zero claims:

No more petrol-guzzling cars on the road by 2035.

The fields of Britain brimming with wind turbines and solar panels…

Energy harnessed from the air, like magic…

Effortlessly charging the batteries to power our buses, our trains, our ships and even our planes… all with zero emissions.

No more filthy old coal. No more smelly old gas. No more dirty old oil.

But it just won’t work, because it can’t work.

You’ve been told we have the technology to go green. We don’t right now.

You’ve been told we have the minerals and metals for those billions of batteries, turbines and generators we’re going to need. Not by a long shot.

You’ve been told we’ve got the money to pay for it all. Not nearly enough.

Net Zero is founded upon a deception.

And my new book – Threat Zero: The Dark Side of Going Green and How Smart Investors Can Profit – proves it.

Inside, you’ll get hard evidence of why Net Zero is an impossibility – from the experts themselves.

More importantly, you’ll get a good idea about where the big money could be heading when it all comes crashing down.

Best of all, Eoin has even prepared an complete Energy Investing Action Plan…

Including three stocks to buy now – to get on the RIGHT SIDE of the biggest financial trend in the world today.

  • Energy Play #1: How you could profit from the ‘EV Supercharge’
  • Energy Play #2 Secure your stake in the atomic revival
  • Energy Play #3 The new golden age of commodities? Why a mining mania could massively bolster your portfolio

Alongside my book, these three stock plays represent an enormous opportunity for you to gain advantage in the energy markets.

All three tactically exploit the mad money being thrown at Net Zero…

Coupled with strategic plays on the long-term and established energy firms that will be relied upon for many years to come.

I have arranged a way for you to download these valuable reports and access a treasure trove of our financial research – worth many thousands of pounds.

But that’s not all.

As my other book, How The Euro Dies, amply demonstrates…

The traditional financial system…

They system that houses most of our investments, our savings, our pensions…

Well, it is incredibly fragile – and, as you have seen with the history of The Fleet Street Letter’s predictions, prone to crises.

Which is why we have prepared another report for you.

I will also send you these bonus reports to help you start protecting and even growing your wealth…


Southbank Insider

In this special report, you’ll discover NINE different ways you can move a portion of your money off the grid…

It includes one of the only investments that: (1) can be consumed, (2) can be sold, (3) performs well, (4) can be held for long enough to survive a financial crash, (4) diversifies your wealth, (5) has a big demand, plus much, much more...

As well as 8 other alternatives to help you shield your wealth out of the traditional system… and into ‘real’ rather than paper assets

After all, you’ve seen what happened to Nigel Farage and his bank
account. It could so easily happen to you to.

As Nigel says:

“It has never been more important to take back control of your money”.

Today, I’d like to offer you a way to receive complimentary copies of both of my books, Eoin’s Energy Action Plan and Real Wealth: nine alternative to the stock market… and get a head start to protecting and growing your wealth.

All you have to do in return is:

Take a year’s membership of The Fleet Street Letter… at a MASSIVE new member discount

Not only will you receive all this:

 You’ll also get:

12 issues of The Fleet Street Letter a year

Southbank Insider

The financial world moves fast. New trends and threats develop. Old ones die. There’s no one single ‘set and forget’ approach you can take to thrive in the modern financial world.

That’s why our monthly newsletters are so valuable.

They’re your way of staying up to date with the latest thinking, ideas, threats and opportunities.

That might be a new risk developing… a new moneymaking opportunity… a new position for your portfolio. It depends what’s happening in the world.

But whatever IS going on… we’ll be there, on your side and in your corner.

Then you’ll get:

Full access to the The Fleet Street Letter portfolio

Southbank Insider

As I have said…

This is what REALLY sets our work apart from the mainstream.

We’re not just here to explain what’s happening.

We translate that into an entire portfolio of investment ideas you can go out and buy to turn that knowledge into action.

An investment portfolio of trading ideas, stock picks and other wealth-building moves is put together for you by a global strategist, trader and wealth-builder with an unparalleled track record...

You’ve seen Eoin’s credentials.

He is building a mix of long-term strategic positions and shorter-term tactical trades that highlights how you can use your new understanding of the markets to join the dots and gain a practical advantage.

Generally speaking, the recommendations we share with you will involve the stock market. That involves risk – as all investing does.

Some of our recommendations may be listed abroad. That involves foreign currency risk as stocks listed overseas may have the added risk of negative forex movements.

Every recommendation is for your risk capital only – that’s money you can afford to lose.

We’ll explain this to you clearly with every new recommendation.

In fact, EVERY SINGLE idea we share with you will contain a full write up of the risks, the potential rewards, everything…

And, of course, the expert insider’s view on the big picture analysis that has led us to raise that idea in the first place.

That’s huge. It’s why the famed financial publisher and New York Times best-selling author Bill Bonner took over The Fleet Street Letter: it’s uncanny ability to scoop the main stream press.

In fact, I’d like to offer you a FREE report right now that will walk you through The Fleet Street Letter’s illustrious history in more detail.

It’s called Eight Decades of Foresight and it’s yours to download and keep, FREE of charge.

It’s a fascinating read in itself. And if you really want to check it out, you can go to the British Library, St Pancras, London and read the issues in 73 leather bound volumes.

You can also hear Bill talk about the letter in an exclusive interview I conducted with him recently.

“We tend to be right about the big things,”

“We were right about the pop in the markets in 1999… and 2008 when all the markets fell… we did not foresee the pandemic but we did foresee what the government would do – and we said the price would be inflation.”

“Our goal is to protect our readers from the big loss…” because for investors, avoiding getting ‘whacked’ is more important than the next big thing.

Which is why I think becoming a member of The Fleet Street Letter is such a big deal…

And today such amazing value too.

Think about it.

You can go pay £700 for a premium subscription to The Financial Times 

But NOWHERE in those pages of news will you find a single investment recommendation.

It’s all fluff. All noise. It doesn’t matter how many PhDs the editorial teams have. They’re not sharing anything you can ACT ON.

The Fleet Street Letter is different.

You’ll walk away from almost every issue with a fully researched investment recommendation that ties into our worldview.

And here’s the crazy part: though I’d argue we offer far more value to investors, the cost of our work is a FRACTION of the £700 you’d pay for a year of The FT.

In fact, one year of The Fleet Street Letter NORMALLY costs just £249.

That works out at just over £20 a month…

Which is under £5 a week…

Or just 67p a day.

But that is not what I am asking you to pay today.

Far from it.

Join today for just £249 £49 a year

Take out a year’s subscription at today’s exclusive new member introductory rate…

And your first 12 months’ membership of The Fleet Street Letter will cost you just £49.

That instantly saves you £200 on the full price of Britain’s longest-running financial newsletter.

Instead of 67p a day, you’ll only be paying just under 14p.

Best of all, as a new member, you get to kick the tyres on this:

You have a 30-DAY money-back guarantee

Yes, I have arranged with publisher a way for you to try Britain’s longest-running financial newsletter – obligation-FREE.

Think of this as your new member, access all areas pass.

Take the next 30 days to review The Fleet Street Letter.

Check out the reports, the website, the portfolio…

And if you’re unhappy for any reason, call our member services team within this period, and cancel your membership. You will receive a prompt refund of the membership fee you pay today.

Plus, you’ll get to keep your reports and briefings, whether you decide to stay beyond your 30-day pass or not. A win-win, just for giving us a try.

Click this link to secure your £200 discount and claim your valuable investment research, now.

This 80% discount is only available for a very short time.

So, what have you got to lose?

After all, times are tough for you, and your money.

Can you trust the government or the financial services industry to look after you personally?

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Gold 101

All sensible investors should consider owning some of this famous precious metal.

Gold can’t be printed.

It can’t be manipulated.

It can’t be tracked… controlled… distorted… or managed by the state.

Gold is the most stable form of money the world has ever known.

It’s REAL money. REAL wealth.

Throughout human history, there have been thousands of currencies issued by governments.

To my knowledge, they’ve all gone to zero in the end.

This report shows you how to get started buying and storing gold and other precious metals investments.


The Road to Financial Freedom

When it comes to financial markets, everyone seems to be an expert already. Not that they give you the same answer to even the most basic questions… You’re right to be suspicious. And cautious.

It pays to understand the stock market – literally.

This guide will demystify the stock market, teach you how to buy and sell shares, show you how to mitigate risk, lay out how to weigh up any costs involved and show you why investing in the right companies at the right time can completely change your life.

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Southbank Insider

Southbank Insider

This comes from Southbank Investment Research’s Investment Director, John Butler. And it’s called Southbank Insider for good reason:

John has spent over 25 years in international finance, serving as a managing director for bulge-bracket investment banks on both sides of the Atlantic in research, strategy and asset allocation roles (at both Deutsche Bank and Lehman Brothers). 

As such, John has advised some of the world’s largest institutional and private investors on everything from wealth preservation to enhancing returns through a wide variety of innovative strategies, and he has been a #1 ranked Investment Strategist by Institutional Investor magazine. Now he’ll be working for you.*

Fortune & Freedom

Fortune & Freedom

Intelligent insight, in plain English, about the threats to your money and how to avoid them. You’ll get the truth about your money – behind the headlines, jargon and spin.

Totted up, you’ll have unrestricted access to hundreds of pounds worth of valuable financial ideas, wisdom and investment recommendations.*

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