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  • You’ll discover a smart way to invest in gold – without having to give a penny’s profit to the tax man a penny

Some respected analysts suggest gold could rise to $5,000. Even as high as $10,000 an ounce. But what should you buy to take advantage of what could be the mother of all gold booms? How should you buy it? And how much of your portfolio does it make sense to allot to gold? Rob will run you through everything you need to know.

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  • How to collect “rent” – without the headache of being a landlord…

Owning property appeals to everyone. It’s one of the most tried and tested options you have to get your money working for you. And there is plenty driving demand.

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results

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Here we share our analysis on the current trends driving the markets ... everything we hope to achieve for you in the coming months and years... and some valuable insights on how the coming months may play out for investors. As you will read, some strategic caution now could pay off big time, down the line.

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A big part of taking control of your money and becoming a hero of your own financial story is understanding and managing risk. There are a lot of people out there who may gloss over risks. Not us! Each recommendation Rob makes comes with a complete risk analysis. You’ll know your own tolerance for risk, fully informed, you’ll be in the best position to make your own decisions. For example, while we focus on British investing opportunities, Rob may see an opportunity in the US market. So, there is currency fluctuation to consider. Rob will walk you through, in full.

The portfolio is made up of stocks and funds that may be held for the medium or long term. So before investing you should consider if you’ll need access to the capital in the short term.

We can’t control the markets or the economy, which may go up or down. But we can control our investment responses as situations change. Being informed is your greatest asset when it comes to managing risk.

  • A personal login to our private, members-only website
  • Exclusive video: Q&A with Rob Marstrand

To help you get to know Rob better, I asked him to sit down in the studio and answer some key questions so you can see just how deep his experience goes.

You’ll learn about his knack for spotting approaching financial disasters... some of the most rewarding opportunities he’s shared with ambitious investors, over recent years... and you’ll hear the important lessons he’s learned when it comes to taking charge of your own financial affairs.

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  • FREE bonus #1: The Road to Financial Freedom – your guide to starting out as an investor

This useful report is a step-by-step guide to investing in the stock market. You’ll learn how to open a brokerage account... how to use dividends to boost your to place a trade... how to set stops and buy limits to reduce risk... plus the ins and outs of stamp duty and capital gains tax.

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  • FREE Bonus #2: How The Euro Dies: Surviving The Biggest Bankruptcy In History by Nickolai Hubble

The euro, as Nickolai’s research reveals, is a disaster waiting to happen. A future calamity is practically “built in” to the whole wrong-headed venture.

And thanks to inflation, the game may finally be up. When that disaster comes, the fallout could send shockwaves through the global markets.

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  • FREE Bonus #3: How to use the tax man’s rules to YOUR advantage

It’s an unfortunate fact – but a lot of people pay more tax than we realise. Simply by understanding the rules and being informed, you could cut down your tax bill considerably.

That’s why Rob has put together this handy guide to help you become “tax smart”. This isn’t about investing, or taking risks.

It’s simply making sure you’re in control, following the rules to the letter, and keeping more money in your pocket.

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  • FREE Bonus #4: 7 dirty little secrets of the UK stockmarket

In this report – exclusive to UK Independent Wealth readers – Nickolai Hubble busts some myths about the UK stockmarket.

His report will pull back the curtain on the way our market really works... and you can use that understanding to become a much more clued-up investor.

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Can you afford to say “I don’t get it” when it comes to cryptocurrencies?

Personally, I don’t think so. What Goldman Sachs believes should be considered “an institutional asset class”, is now too big to ignore… and whether you want to invest in them or not, or you at least need to understand them.

Which is why UK Independent Wealth has brought crypto expert Sam Volkering on board. Sam has lived and breathed crypto for over a decade.

He first bought Bitcoin at $12 back in 2011, traded Ripple for a 22,000% gain and has over 10 years expertise in the heart of the crypto world. And he has put together this special research package to help you navigate it, including:

crypto revolution book SIR ultimate starters guide SIR crypto report

FREE DIGITAL BOOK – “Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Future Of Money”

FREE REPORT #1: The Ultimate Starter’s Guide to Crypto

FREE REPORT #2: How To Spot And Avoid Crypto Scams

crypto revolution book

FREE DIGITAL BOOK – “Crypto Revolution: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency And The Future Of Money”

SIR ultimate starters guide

FREE REPORT #1: The Ultimate Starter’s Guide to Crypto

SIR crypto report

FREE REPORT #2: How To Spot And Avoid Crypto Scams

Crypto has sometimes been described as the wild west. These 3 reports we have put together for you here will help you be aware of the risks and put you in an informed position to make some strategic speculations, if you so wish.

You'll also get access to:

Southbank Investment Daily

An unmissable, daily email keeping you up to speed on all the important financial and political changes in the world that matter the most. You’ll know what’s happening – and how it affects your money.

Fortune & Freedom

Intelligent insight, in plain English, about the threats to your money and how to avoid them. You’ll get the truth about your money – behind the headlines, jargon and spin. You’ll get a free, uncensored email, direct from myself, my colleague Nickolai Hubble and a host of smart writers – directly to you.

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Daylight Robbery
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If, as John Maynard Keynes stated, inflation is one way governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens...

Taxation, which has hit a 70-year high, is the other way the powers that be take the pound from your pocket.

In Daylight Robbery, Dominic Frisby looks at how wars, revolutions and even architectural design have been shaped – or even caused – by one form of tax or another.

'Fascinating book which exposes the political and economic basis of tax. A must read for those of us who believe in simpler, lower taxes'Rt Hon Liz Truss MP

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