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You’re just 1 step away from becoming a founding member of the Southbank Wealth Advantage…

And using the same strategy that beat the market 7-to-1 over 12 years of historical testing

Claim your founding membership now to get:

  • Your £50 discount
  • Special report: ‘The Butler Family Portfolio’ – containing the names and ticker symbols of every stock you need to buy today
  • Special report: ‘The Wealthmaker Rulebook: your chance to beat the FTSE100… every single year’
  • One FULL year to the Southbank Wealth Advantage – including 12 issues delivered to your inbox every single month
  • Unrestricted access to the monthly ‘ask me anything’ zoom call
  • Your ‘no questions asked’ 30-day money back guarantee

John Butler
Founder, Southbank Wealth Advantage


You’re moments away from claiming a founding membership in my first advisory service here at Southbank Investment Research: Southbank Wealth Advantage.

You’re among the first, ever, to have access to the same strategy that I have personally used for more than 20 years to grow my own wealth…

The same strategy I’m using to manage my son’s life savings…

Calculated using back testing. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Figures do not take into account any investing costs or taxes.

And the same strategy which, according to my 12 years of historical testing…

Could have turned £10,000 into more than £177,000…

That’s £155,000 more than you’d have made tracking the FTSE100… whilst taking on LESS risk than a FTSE100 tracker fund.

And now… for the first time ever… I’m opening this strategy up to private investors at Southbank Investment Research…

Forecasts are not reliable indicators of future results.

So that YOU could experience the same steady, consistent growth that I have.

And it all starts with your special report: The Butler Family Portfolio.

The Butler Family Portfolio

Inside you will discover everything you need to get this approach working for you.

It’s all explained in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Specifically how much you should allocate to each stock in the portfolio.

This special report is completely FREE when you accept your founder’s membership to the Southbank Wealth Advantage.

Along with much more…

Here’s everything you get when you secure your founder’s membership today

  • The Wealth Maker Rule Book

    A deep dive into the nuts and bolts of my family office strategy. And a chance for you to seriously upgrade your own financial intelligence.

  • Monthly Q&A Session

    Every month, I’ll host a zoom call, exclusively for Southbank Wealth Advantage subscribers. In it, I’ll answer any and all of your questions about the macro environment, megatrends and the stocks in our portfolio.

  • The inaugural issue of the Southbank Wealth Advantage and one full issue a month, should you stay on.

    In our inaugural issue, go into depth about the current stage of the business cycle we find ourselves in. The megatrends playing out in the world now. And I include a comprehensive write up on each stock in the portfolio.

  • Timely updates on our investment positions

    When the time comes to make a change to the portfolio, you’ll be sent a timely email update. Whether it’s because of rebalancing or because of a change in the macro environment, you’ll never be left wondering about what you should be invested in.

  • Access to the exclusive members area

    A password protected portal where you can access all of the videos, reports and updates in the Southbank Wealth Advantage.

And that’s not all…

You’re also backed by my 30-day money back guarantee

I am also covering your 30-day trial with a full, Publisher’s money-back guarantee.

To spell this out: if you are unhappy in any way with the Southbank Wealth Advantage, you can contact us at any time during your first 30 days and get a full refund. I’ll hand you back every penny, no problem.

But I don’t think I will have to. If you are reading this, I think you are excited by the possibility of growing the bulk of your wealth significantly over the coming years.

If that’s what you are looking for – I think my work will exceed even your highest expectations.

I’m willing to do this because I’m that confident in this strategy’s ability to produce the goods.

After all, it’s done so for me, helping me put my children through private school… and allowing me to completely sidestep the 2008 financial crisis.

It’s already doing it for my son.

And it could be about to start doing it for you for far less than everyone else will pay…

Act now – save £50

I’m launching The Wealth Advantage to address what it perhaps THE biggest misconception amongst every day investors.

You see, most people think it’s impossible to beat the market – without increasing your risk.

But as you’ve seen today that quite simply isn’t the case.

In fact, back testing shows that if you’d invested £10,000 into this strategy in 2009…

Not only would you have beaten the market every single year – without taking on extra risk…

Calculated using back testing. Simulated past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results. Figures do not take into account any investing costs or taxes.

You’d have made £155,000 more than you would have tracking the FTSE100.

The big financial institutions know this.

That’s why they’ve been using similar rules to grow their assets – through bull… bear… and sideways markets – for decades.

That’s why I’ve used the same strategy – in multiple variations – to grow my own wealth.

It’s why I’m passing it onto my own son.

And it’s why I want every subscriber at Southbank Investment Research to use it, too.

Given this, you’ll be pleased to hear the Southbank Wealth Advantage is NOT expensive.

During my time in the City, I routinely built similar systems for large financial institutions and family offices. For which it would typically cost north of £200,000 to fully implement.

But you won’t pay anywhere near £200,000.

Nor will you pay anywhere near £100,000…

Or £50,000…

Or even £1,000.

An annual membership to the Southbank Wealth Advantage comes in at just £379.

But even so, I want to do more for you.

As a founding member, you’ve set yourself apart from your peers.

You’ve shown ambition to get better results than the rest of the herd.

I believe that should be rewarded.

So, I would like to extend to you an even better deal…

By giving you an extra £50 off the standard price.

That brings the total you’ll pay today to just £329.

That’s less than 90p a day. And a very small price to pay to secure your long-term financial well-being.

So, if you want to join me and my family…

And start growing your wealth – through all market conditions – year in, year out… do not delay.

Grab this chance.

Just fill in your details below to claim your discount, exclusive research and no-obligation 30-day trial now...

Or call our customer care team on 0330 808 7916 between 10am-10pm Monday to Friday to claim this deal over the phone.

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Important note: Your subscription comes with our automatic-renewal feature. This feature ensures that you will never miss an issue. Currently the Southbank Wealth Advantage renews at £379 per year from your second year onwards. You may opt out of this auto-renew feature at any time after your purchase.

Important note: Your subscription comes with our automatic-renewal feature. This feature ensures that you will never miss an issue. Currently the Southbank Wealth Advantage renews at £379 per year from your third year onwards. You may opt out of this auto-renew feature at any time after your purchase.

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The backtesting for Southbank Wealth Advantage is conducted using total return data sourced from Koyfin.

  1. FTSE100 constituent companies are sorted into their respective sectors
  2. The average total return for each company in each sector is calculated for each calendar year, and ranked
  3. The average total return for the top five best-performing sectors is calculated for each calendar year
  4. The cumulative total return of always and only holding the top five sectors in each calendar year—20% allocated to each—is calculated and then reinvested accordingly each year
  5. This is then compared to the ishares FTSE100 tracker ETF (CUKX.L) total return reinvested for each calendar year

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