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At the dawn of a new, troubling age for freedom-loving investors… here’s how to defend yourself

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The writing is on the wall…

It looks like a digital, programmable currency is on its way.

The signs are clear.

The Bank of England is already researching how to launch one (as are more than 100 other Central Banks)…

A consortium of HUGE corporations are already trialling one RIGHT HERE IN BRITAIN.

A Rishi Sunak – a man desperate to stamp his authority on the country – is a huge fan.

Can you see what’s happening?

The authorities have a million problems to deal with today. 

Global inflation is raging at 40 year highs.

Stock and bond markets have tanked. 

There’s war in Europe… tensions with China over Taiwan… huge shortages of food and energy…

And yet – ADMIDST ALL THIS – the authorities are preparing for a radical, PERMANENT change to how money works.

Now, some people will say there’s nothing to worry about here – that we can ‘trust’ the authorities not to use the immense power a programable currency would give them…

After all, the Bank of England have said that, if introduced, CBDC’s would run alongside cash – not replace it.

But we think that’s dangerously naïve.

And the fact that you’re here on this page tells us that you agree.

We think the fact a digital currency seems imminent demands not just your attention – but ACTION, too.

Because once a digital pound launches, it could fundamentally reshape your relationship with money and the state.

And not in a good way.

In theory, it could give the state total the power to control how you spend your money… what you’re allowed to buy… and what you’re NOT allowed to do.

Imagine that.

Some bureaucrat having final say over your spending, deciding if you’ve used too much diesel… eaten too much meat… consumed too much carbon.

That’s what’s on the table here. And I’m not alone in thinking this.

As tech analyst Bernard Fickser speculated:

Once one has started down this slippery slope, what is to prevent the trackers of my (and your) financial transactions from trying to shape my behavior?

Are you late with an alimony payment? Sorry, but you can’t take that business flight — we’re going to block payment until you’re caught up with your debt…’

This is the world China is moving rapidly towards. It’s already launched a CBDC in several major cities.

We believe it’s coming to Britain too.

And instead of calling that move out as an abhorrent attack on people’s freedom…

Our own authorities are readying themselves to launch THE SAME TECHNOLOGY HERE

But it’s not all bad news. 

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They show you what’s happening… how your life could change as a result… and crucially, what you can DO about it. The mission is simple:

  • Help you understand what’s coming next in the world of money and markets…
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Also included in your subscription are the following introductory guides…

REPORT #1: Real wealth: nine alternatives to the stock market

The only logical way to protect some of your capital from a digital pound is to get it ‘off-grid’. How much is entirely your call. But how do you do that?

That’s what you’ll discover in this report. You’ll see NINE different ways you can move a portion of your money off the grid… out of the traditional system… and away from a financial system that’s increasingly built around surveillance and control.

Also included in your subscription are the following introductory guides…

REPORT #2: Gold 101: the unspoken advantages of a UK gold investor

Gold is money. Real money. And that’s why it’s going to play a KEY role in helping you protect yourself as money potentially becomes programmable.

This report shows you how to get started buying and storing gold and other precious metals investments.

BONUS VIDEO: Surviving CBDCs, with Nigel Farage.

In this video Nick Hubble and Nigel Farage will lay out your options if you want to ‘get their boot off your face’. Because you DO have options. Nothing is risk free. But it’s crucial you understand what you CAN do if you’re concerned. This video is a must-see for all new subscribers.

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